«Если я не такой, как ты, то я этим не оскорбляю тебя, а одариваю». Антуан де Сент–Экзюпери.

On the eve of the International Mental Health Day on October 9, 2015, at the Moscow State Institute of Culture (Khimki, Moscow region) a festival of rehabilitation programs for people with mental peculiarities “Other?”

Festival rehabilitation programs “Other?” Was intended to promote an enabling environment to improve the health and quality of life of people with mental peculiarities of the Union and perform mental health in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region, the Administration of city district Khimki, Moscow Region, Gause “Psychiatric Hospital №22 “(Khimki, Moscow region) under the patronage of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

President of the Union of Mental Health Treushnikova Natalia  in her welcoming address to the participants of the festival, said: “Often misconceptions encourage society to treat people with mental features with prejudice, avoid contact, feel uncomfortable in their presence. As a result of stigmatization leads to their social exclusion, and consequently to the deterioration of health. But the people who, faced with the problem since a tragic accident, a combination of certain biological, psychological and social factors, as well as all of us are interested in communicating, they are willing to work, they want to create a family, they also need to realize their abilities and skills. Many of these people write beautiful pictures, great sing, write poetry, make an incredibly interesting things handmade and achieve success in the sport. They need to adopt without conditions, in understanding and love. ” At the end of his address Natalia Valerievna he said that “it’s time we all become” the other “- caring and friendly, to get rid of prejudice, understand the value of a person in the person, no matter how much he looks like or not like us!” .

Welcome address by the President of the Union of Mental Health Treushnikova Natalia Valerievna

At present, the theme of mental health, rehabilitation and social assistance to support people with mental health problems has become extremely important. WHO projects that by 2020, mental disorders will be included in the top five diseases of mankind. Today, up to 40% of the Russian population are signs of a disturbance of mental activity. Cherkasov Alexey, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation believes that “this is the reason for the involvement of society to address the most pressing issues related to the socialization and social integration of persons suffering from this disorder, so it is important that the priority of today’s Festival” Other? “is to create a platform for the development of cooperation between all stakeholders in the field of rehabilitation of people with mental peculiarities.”

It is worth noting that the festival venue is not accidental. According to the Head of administration of city district Khimki Vladimir V. Sleptsov: “Among the cities Khimki Moscow Region is one of the leading places in the state program” Accessible Environment “.

The Festival was attended by over 300 leaders and specialists of health care facilities, social security, science and education, socio-oriented enterprises of the real sector of the economy and NGOs, the media, as well as leading figures of culture, art, sports, among which the artistic director of Theater of Music and Drama Stas Namin, Russian actress Ksenia Alferova, producer and film critic Lyubov Arkus.

Special guest of the festival met the actors integrated theater-studio “Circle II», which is awarded to guests colorful greeting smile with good reading “Life is Beautiful”, “Laugh,” “Smile always!”.

Actors integrated theater-studio “Circle II»

In the exhibition area of ​​the “World of the special masters” everyone under the guidance of real masters of their craft can try rehabilitation programs through the visual art: painted gingerbread produced eco-friendly notebook and pen Recycled engaged bead florist and making bracelets, turned the most ordinary plain pieces of wood in works of art, tried himself in the role of multipliers, soap-boiler, weavers, creating water and sand masterpieces. Orchestra musicians special “BezNot” demonstrated the possibility of the socialization of people with mental health especially through music.

During the presentation, rehabilitation and rehabilitation programs, experts have tried to involve the audience as much as possible in the process. So, Biryukova Irina , vice president of the Association of dance movement therapy in his presentation “Group of dance movement therapy” Dance of the soul “- a program of psycho-physical rehabilitation for patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia” has demonstrated that express their emotions and share them with others, to feel a more balanced physically and psychologically possible, even for a few minutes a joint dance. Fomin Olga and Luchinkin Nina (NGO helping people with mental peculiarities “AUTSAYDERVIL”) brought to the festival an exhibition of outsider artists, to show that “the value of these paintings is determined not primarily psychiatric experience of the authors, and, above all, originality and undeniable originality. ” Lyubimova Tatyana, the founder and leader of the group Canistherapy “Sun Dog”, together with its partners – Golden Retriever – has demonstrated the love and acceptance of dogs allows “a person begin to feel like a man, whatever it was, no matter how he suffered, whatever nor had mental characteristics. ”

Tatiana Lyubimova, the founder and leader of the group Canistherapy “Sun Dog”

The highlight of the event was the ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest volunteer programs in the field of rehabilitation / habilitation of people with mental peculiarities of “Others”, which was attended by 57 volonterov- students and professionals from 18 to 54 years. Among the winning projects of rehabilitation programs have programs in education and consulting in various spheres of human activity; kulturoterapii and art therapy; physical training; employment; psychoeducation. Most volunteer programs in all nominations were encouraged cash charitable donations and approved for use in the rehabilitation of health facilities and social security in Moscow and the Moscow region.

There were also named the six winners of the Competition for the title of socially-oriented businesses in the field of rehabilitation of people with mental peculiarities of “confessions” that create jobs for people with mental peculiarities.

At the end of the solemn ceremony Treushnikova Natalia hoped that “The festival will begin to implement new models, programs, technologies, new approaches to cooperation between the state, society and business in the area of social rehabilitation of people with mental peculiarities.”

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